Settled: Leaky roof leads to widespread mould and insect infestations

After suffering for 2 years with a persistent leaky roof, we began investigating this client’s case in December 2020.  

The leak had spread and caused damage across various rooms in the property and while the tenant had been reporting these issues to her landlord throughout the 2 years, they had failed to act or attempt to repair the damage and subsequent problems.

The leak got so bad that it resulted in a large hole developing on her living room ceiling and the mould and dampness from the leak, which has existed for a considerable period of time, was spreading through the property.

There was also an infestation of insects.

Our appointed Chartered Surveyor was sent to the property and produced a comprehensive report of the disrepair, alongside the Landlord’s appointed Surveyor.

Collectively, they were able to produce a report with a schedule of works which was mutually agreed between the Parties.

Settlement of the distress and inconvenience which had been caused to the Client together with compensation for her possessions which had been damaged as a result of the ongoing disrepair was achieved; along with an agreed schedule of works.

The tenant was allocated a good level of temporary accommodation whilst the repairs were carried out and has since moved back into her property.

She is really happy with the outcome and how swiftly the repairs were dealt with, with the repairs completed by the end of February 2021.

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