Will I have to pay any charges or fees?

No we act for you on a ‘No Win No Fee’ basis. This means that after assessing your case, if we believe you have a reasonable prospect of success then we will agree to fund the legal costs of your claim. We receive payment by deducting 25% of whatever sum we recover for you from your landlord.

How is the compensation calculated?

If your case is successful we will calculate and agree with your landlord a sum which represents the diminution in the rental value of your property. This effectively means that you receive a percentage of the rent you have paid back from your landlord.

My rent is paid by housing benefit so am I still entitled to claim compensation?

Yes it does not matter how your rent is paid, we simply use the rental figure as a measurement to calculate the damages to which you are entitled to claim.

Can I claim for items of expenditure of furniture damaged by the disrepair?

Yes we will look to include these items as part of your claim. You will need evidence of the same however such as receipts and photographs of the damaged items.

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