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We deal with a variety of different types of cases ranging from water leak damage to mould and infestation. In each case we look to document the disrepair within your property by way of an expert surveyors report and we seek to agree with your landlord a compensation package for you and also have them agree to perform the work to your property within a reasonable time period.

Should your Landlord fail to admit liability and make an offer to settle your claim and repair your property, we would look to Issue County Court Proceedings, for the Court to decide the amount you are to be awarded for compensation.

We also deal with infestation within your property by sending an Abatement Notice to your Landlord, advising they must look to deal with your infestation within 21 days, or we shall write to the Magistrates Court to force your Landlord to deal with the complaint.

We are very understanding to people’s circumstances and appreciate when property can pose risks to the health and safety of our clients and their families. In such cases we look to have our clients removed from the property on a temporary or permanent basis, although permanent moves are always quite difficult to achieve as it is dependent on the local council or housing association’s housing stock. We do this to remove our client’s from the risks caused by the disrepair in the property and will ensure that the landlord has dealt with the disrepair prior to our clients move back into the property.

How your compensation is calculated

When we look to value your claim for Housing Disrepair, we look at the length of time you have been reporting the issues to your landlord, and how serious the disrepair is. We then take a percentage of the rent you have paid during this period of disrepair as the value of your claim.

When we look to value your claim for Housing Disrepair, we look at:

  • How serious the disrepair is
  • The length of time the disrepair has been reported to your landlord
  • How much rent you have paid during this period

We will then be able to value your claim.

If your Landlord does not agree our valuation, we may look to Issue County Court Proceedings, to let the Court decide on the amount of compensation you are entitled to, but we will always try to settle your claim at the earliest opportunity.

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