Settled: No hot water or heating for a young family for 3 months  

The tenant came to us in February 2021 after spending 3 months with no heating or hot water for her or her two small children because of a defective boiler.

From November 2020 until the claim was settled and the boiler replaced, she had to visit various family members properties in order to use their hot water and to seek warmth.

A survey of the boiler revealed it was 12 years old and could was uneconomical for repair.

Despite the survey clearly stating that the boiler needed to be replaced, the client was forced to make numerous attempts to resolve the situation with her Landlord, but the work wasn’t completed and she came to us for help in February 2021.

We presented her case to the Landlord, who in turn had already produced a report of the defective boiler, which was deemed satisfactory and by a qualified third-party expert.

The tenant’s Landlord has agreed to replace the boiler due to the defects and its age – and we also secured damages which equate to 50% of the rent that was being paid by the tenant during the 3 months that she was without the use of the boiler.

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